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BI360 Finance Festival  (Instagram Post)
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Why attend?


An exceptional opportunity to connect with a vibrant and dynamic audience

Tangible learnings

Content crafted to assist you at all points of your business and financial journey. 


There are plenty of opportunities, from Funding Office Hours with potential investors, to meeting with sponsors and other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Invest in Future You

Give yourself all the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in the future. 

Embark on a journey towards financial excellence at BI360 Success Fest!

Join us to gain insights from industry experts, expand your network, participate in hands-on workshops, explore cutting-edge finance tech, find inspiration from success stories, and access exclusive resources.

Don't miss out on this transformative finance experience!

BI360 Success Fest: Where Entrepreneurs Discover Money Moves & Ignite their Path to Growth

Content Themes for 2024

Cashflow Managment

Attend workshops on how to effectively manage cashflow across the year in your business


Hear from investors and entrepreneurs on how to best position your business for investment

Funding Options

Sourcing the right funding can be overwhelming, speak to experts about the right products for you.

Generational Wealth

Learn from the best wealth managers on how you can build and preserve your personal wealth to secure a better future for yourself


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I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a very warm and friendly yet professional atmosphere.
I initially went into the Stage 1 and only realised that the Mind Your Business room was next door when the speaker mentioned it.  
It was excellent to be able to listen to and network with people who have already achieved what I am aiming for.
BRM - BBN2-689.jpg
A wealth of useful speakers and exhibitors.  And, what an affirming vibe.  I left with several contacts that are already having a transformative effect on my business and wider financial wellbeing.
BRM - BBN2-647.jpg
First person I met was from the IPO office. Got great info, major part of my reason for coming done . Then attended good lecture with people from Lloyds Bank. Talked with stall holders. Many very relevant and inspiring for stating a business. Then attended an even greater presentation on fund and grants available for black business startups. A great day . Well worth attending. Inspiring.

2022 Speakers

Egbe Manton

Founder, Manton Legal

Sonia Meggie

D & I Manager at Bloomberg

Izzy Obeng

CEO, Founder

Paul Gordon

Managing Director of SMEs, Lloyds Bank

Amaka Ogbonnah

Director, Amneo Wealth Management

Marla Ubhi

CEO, Marla Investments

Cllr. Leslie Ayoola

Founder, B-Global & Nottingham City Council

Shenuma Kashta

Founder & Entrepreneur, The Prosper Platform®

Jerran Whyte

Principal Partner, Belvedere Wealth Management

Selina Morgan-Gayle

Mediator, SMG Mediation

Mimi Gom

Associate Partner, St. James's Place

Diana Chrouch

Director, Chrouch Consulting

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