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Egbe Manton

Founder, Manton Legal

"Working with founders and investors, Egbe is on a mission to create more equitable access to capital for underrepresented entrepreneurs. She supports founders in developing a pitch that improves their connection and resonates with potential investors. She also supports investors to leverage their capital in diverse and inclusive companies.

Egbe wants to disrupt the legal and investment space and bring it into the 21st-century. She is a Corporate lawyer and the founder of Inspire Law Global, a social enterprise that offers simplified and practical guidance to students seeking a career in the legal sector.

Egbe is an educator, a regular in the media and a sought-after, dynamic speaker who creates positive impact by challenging convention, encouraging inclusion and championing social change. Clients and partnerships include: Brunel University, Found & Flourish, Dell, We are Radikl and Lloyds TSB."

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Egbe Manton
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