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Gerald Vanderpuye

Founder, Impact Brixton CIC

Gerald Vanderpuye is a tech and social entrepreneur, writer and Investor. Gerald dedicates much of his time to learning, writing and teaching investors about WEB 3.0 and crypto technologies and their potential for creating a sustainable and equitable future for creators. Gerald Vanderpuye Co-founded Impact Brixton CIC in 2019, a thriving co-working and event space home to over 200 freelancers, entrepreneurs, and social change-makers and the only large-scale Black-owned co-working space in Europe. Before that, he founded a B2B enterprise software platform BuyerDeck), in 2013, which won Mass challenges startup of the year in 2015 and is used by tech companies globally to close sales deals faster. You can learn more about his companies, investments and projects via his blog Virtue collectors club.

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Gerald Vanderpuye
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