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Paula Perry

CEO & Founder, You4Us

Paula Perry is an Personal Finances Coach & Cycle Breaking Strategist she is an mother international speaker, mentor, lecturer, educator & author of the 2 bestselling books Black British History & 30 Black History Icons and founder of You4Us which is dedicated to empowering women to take control of their finances. Alongside starting the domino effect that breaks the negative cycle of generational poverty in areas such as Finance & Parenting.

Paula raises awareness about financial literacy and the importance of understanding our financial mindset and has been successfully impacting adults and young people in the UK and internationally with her knowledge and practical tools to create a solid foundation that is important to create a legacy for the next generation. She is also a registered Award Winning Financial Protection Specialist providing advice and guidance within the community on insurances to protect individuals and their family.

She delivers an interactive, knowledge filled and enjoyable presentation on black history, she teaches black history to Key Stage 3 students and is a lecturer on a Black Studies course for adults. Paula believes when you have knowledge of positive history it enables you to believe that you are able to achieve excellence just as the ancestors and others before you have done.

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Paula Perry
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