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Stephanie Taylor

Director, HMO Heaven

Stephanie Taylor is a property investor, Co-Founder of award-winning property management and development company, HMO Heaven, and Co-Founder of Rent 2 Rent Success which has inspired thousands of non-traditional investors to get started in property. Along with sister and business partner Nicky, they grew their property management business, secured contracts worth over £2m in under three years and bought their own multi-millon pound portfolio of multi-unit blocks, commercial property and HMOs.

Stephanie and Nicky are setting up an accommodation and education trust to help people who struggle to find beautiful affordable homes like she did as a teenage single mum on benefits.

Voted Inspirational Person of the Year 2021, Stephanie has been featured on the BBC, Entrepreneur, Business Insider and The Telegraph. She is author of the number 1 best-selling book Rent 2 Rent Success, Host of The top 1.5% Rent 2 Rent Success Podcast and a passionate advocate that ethical property investment is open to everyone

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Stephanie Taylor
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